About Us

About Us

We specialize in open source intelligence on tech companies.  In the past 20 years we have analyzed over 1,000 public and private software companies for marketing teams, CEOs, board of directors, and private equity firms.  We address both traditional licensed software firms as well as contemporary SaaS firms.  We provide objective, open sourced information.  We do not participate in clients’ procurement projects.  We do not accept sponsorships, commissions, or finders’ fees.  We specialize in the delivery of accelerated projects on a fixed price basis.

John Mecke, Our Founder

John over 25 years of professional experience in product management and corporaate development.  He has personally led the sourcing, diligence, negotiation, integration planning, and rollout of three large acquisitions and one small one for a total consideration of $175 million.  He has led eight divestitures which generated $25.5 million in cash. He played a critical role in restructuring a mature business that produced a $115 million dividend for investors, which represented a 2.8x return on their initial investment in less than 3 years.

He has executive and functional experience in general management, business development, marketing, sales, product development, customer services, network operations, and professional services.  He has significant international experience, primarily in Western Europe.  At times having lived in Brussels, Amsterdam, and Northern Germany.  He has led product management organizations as an executive for five companies.  He has also worked in five startups in various capacities.